Sweet Treats from the Heart


Do you have a set schedule? A list of activities that you do on a regular basis, such as work, school, errands, etc? Is there something on that list that is for you? Something that you do to help get your mind off of your regular mundane day-to-day activities. It is important that you have this place of escape not only to keep you sane, but also to maintain balance. This is why I support Renae’s Cake Revelation.

Owner Renae McFadden, who is also an active duty combat war veteran, started Renae’s Cake Revelation. Baking was something she always loved to do because it gave her an escape and sense of peace from everything going on around her. It wasn’t until a little over 3 years ago that she really took her baking seriously and decided to share this wonderful gift that God has given her with other people. When asked how what she does motivates, inspires or encourages other people her response was, “Baking cakes is something I am very passionate about. Sometimes I do find it challenging because I work a full-time job but I don’t think God would bless me with a talent and not expect me to share it. I taught myself to decorate cakes by watching videos and trial and error. I recently completed my very first cake decorating class. I would have never dreamed that I would actually be baking cakes for birthdays and special occasions for others.”


It is an amazing thing when your passion turns into an opportunity then that opportunity turns into success. God is just amazing like that. He has placed so many gifts and talents on the inside of us, but He’s waiting on us to step out on faith and share those gifts with the world. Even if you are a bit apprehensive at first, Renae’s Cake Revelation is proof that you can be successful. Follow your dreams, you never know where they may take you.  Her hard work, dedication, commitment and trust in God is what has made Renae as successful as she is. She recently relocated to Junction City, KS by way of the military and her business is already growing tremendously. She is gaining new clients on a regular basis and was recently a featured vendor at the Junction City Juneteenth Celebration. She also gives back to the community once a month by donating a custom cake to a family in need.


If you would like to see more of the awesome cakes and cupcakes by Renae’s Cake Revelation, check out her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Renaes-Cake-Revelation/365130400245527?ref=hl. She can also be reached via email at renaescakerevelation@gmail.com.

I support Renae’s Cake Revelation and I encourage you to do the same. I don’t know about you, but I love a good dessert. I’ve had both the cakes and cupcakes from Renae’s Cake Revelation and trust me when I say, they are yummy. Still not convinced, she can also provide samples so you can try it yourself. If you’re in the Junction City area, and need a cake or cupcakes made that are not only cute but taste delicious, Renae’s Cake Revelation is the way to go. Sweet treats made from the heart. Bon Appetit!



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