Accentuate the Positive

Accentuate the Positive

Positive music that is.  As I support and encourage those of you all over the world who are pushing forward, taking risks and pursuing your passion today I’d like to introduce you to Kingdom Recording Studios!


Kingdom Recording Studios is located in Deltona, Florida.  Joel Chaparro, also known as JC is the man behind the music! He is a Producer/Engineer.  He is also a pianist and composes his own music.   He is a graduate of Full Sail University with a degree from their recording arts program.  He has been in the recording industry since 2008.  When asked what inspires him to do what he does, JC says he is inspired by other people.  “When a person tells me that my music has inspired them or uplifted them when they are down, it motivates me to continue making more music.  Knowing that the music I compose or the artist singing a song will lift the spirits of other people really touches me.  Knowing that the music that I make can have a positive influence on others is such a blessing.  Having them praise God through the songs also really touches me and motivates me to keep doing what I am doing.”


Currently, JC is working on an instrumental album that should be released this upcoming summer 2014.  We will post the exact date and other info on our Facebook page when we find out.

If you are interested in making music, doing a single, an album or any type of project that involves music, Kingdom Recording Studios is the way to go!  Contact JC today at or

Stevie Wonder once said, “Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand.”  Music is a form of expression that can be so different, yet similar all the same.  What you are doing JC is truly a gift from God and I salute you.  Your hard work, dedication and commitment not only to your craft but to your Heavenly Father will never go unnoticed.  You are proof that dreams do come true, we must first be willing to work hard to make it happen.  Thank you for allowing me to share a very small piece of what you do to the world.  I would say the sky is the limit, but I have learned over the years is that when it comes to the children of the most High God, there are no limits.  God Bless you and all you do.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Kingdom Recording Studios! If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out!!!

***For your listening pleasure – Kingdom Recording Studios latest Instrumental ***


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