Fight For It!

Be Encouraged

My prayer is that this encourages you…

If you feel like your prayers are not being answered, here is something that God revealed to me. Answers to our prayers may be hindered by unseen obstacles. Don’t expect God’s answer to always come easily or quickly. Sometimes prayer may be challenged by evil forces, so pray fervently and pray earnestly. If you really want it, if you really believe in it…fight for it on your knees. Then expect God to answer in HIS good timing.

My reading was in Daniel 10:1-13 – check it out and see what you get!

What is Your Why?


Have you ever got so caught up in the mundane, day-to-day hustle and bustle of life that you forget why? Why what, you ask. Why you do what you do. Why do you wake up every morning? Why do you work so hard day in and day out? I can say I’ve had this happen to me a many days, but over the past 5 years my why has gotten to be much clearer.

For starters, I have two beautiful little angels (even though they don’t always act like it) God gave me who call me mom. They are my why. They are my daily motivation that keeps me going. I do not want my children to look at TV and mimic someone they know nothing about simply because they are a celebrity. I want my babies to know what right looks like because they have a first hand picture of it every day when they see their mommy. I am so happy they are in my life to celebrate and be happy with me in the good. I am also happy that they are here to see my bad so they can see how I get myself back up and keep on going. My children are my why because they push me to work hard and be a better me on a regular basis.

Another reason why I do what I do is because about a year and a half ago I made up in my mind that I was going to live on purpose. Let me be a bit more specific, I was going to live in the purpose that God created me for. God created each and every one of us for a purpose. It’s up to us, however, if we are going to embrace that purpose and walk in it.  I know one of my purposes in life is to overcome all the negativity in world.  My assignment is to encourage, uplift, motivate and inspire people in all walks of life.  I desire to help push individuals to not only think beyond their present situation but push them to live on purpose.  How amazing would it be if everyone actually lived on purpose, if everyone did what they know they were created to do???

How do I plan to live on purpose? This is actually something I am learning each and every day. My first step was to start my website –, next I published my first book Let’s Talk Life: A New Perspective and to be honest I really do not know what my next move will be. I do know, however, that God knows my heart.  While I wait to hear from Him for my next move, I’ll keep working with what I have. I do not care what it takes, but I will continue to live on purpose helping one person at a time. Loving one person at a time. Reaching one person at a time.

make a difference

Now I leave you with this…what is your why? Why do you do what you do? Why are you working hard everyday? Are you living for a paycheck or are you living to make a difference?

Thought Check:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 KJV

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It's Time to Transform the Way you Think!
It’s Time to Transform the Way you Think!

The More You Know…


If you knew there was a healthier way to feed your children and family would you do it? I’ve recently learned some life changing information that I have to share. Information from an organization by the name of Kids WellCare based out of Frisco, Texas.

Kids WellCare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of kids by creating health and nutrition education programs for kids and families. When asked about the purpose of the organization President and Executive Director of Kids WellCare, Joy Stephens replied, “the purpose of the organization is to empower parents by giving them the information they need to make informed decisions about their child’s health. The former surgeon general predicts that if current trends continue this generation of children will be the first to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. For the sake of our children, it’s time for a change.” As a mother of a child who has had severe eczema since she was born, this program immediately sparked an interest. As a parent, I have always wanted what was best for my children and I’ve come to learn that unfortunately, no matter how good the doctors are, they aren’t always going to tell you what’s best for you and your family. Connect with Kids WellCare to learn more about how you can take matters into your own hands and do what is best for not only your children, but your family as a whole.

Kids WellCare offers three core programs:

  • Kids WellCare Healthy Weight Program: designed to help address childhood obesity
  • Kids WellCare Nutrition Boot Camp designed to help parents navigate the grocery store by teaching them how to read labels, addressing/explaining the latest food related issues (organics, GMOs, gluten, etc.)
  • Kids WellCare Kid’s Health University (KHU): KHU will launch in 2015, but this program is for kids. It will include a number of entertaining age appropriate “courses” to help teach kids about health and nutrition.

Program enrollment is available online. All programs are available FREE of charge. All they ask is that for those who can afford it to make a donation.

***Enrollment is now open for the September 25th Nutrition Boot Camp***

Visit to learn more info and to get enrolled!!!!

“So many of the “new childhood epidemics” like obesity, seasonal allergies, digestive issues, eczema, even behavior issues such as ADHD can be managed through nutrition. Over eighty percent (80%) of our immune system resides in our digestive track… you would be amazed at how small dietary changes can make a huge difference in our overall health.” Joy Stephens – President & Executive Director Kids WellCare

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. The more you know about how to take better care of your family, the healthier your family will be. Get involved with Kids WellCare and change your child’s life forever.